Pizza Shack is a unique concept.

It is structured to be successful in any small town or in a large market with fierce competition.

We offer two distinct options:

Satellite Franchise

The Satellite franchise is a perfect add-on to an existing business. If you are a restaurant owner or a high traffic convenience store owner and you are looking to add on to your existing sales, Pizza Shack is the right fit for you. Most restaurants are busy for lunch and have slow evening traffic. Pizza is mostly sold in the evening. Since you already have refrigeration equipment and possibly other equipment, your initial investment may be quite low! You also have an existing work force. Train your existing people to become pizza experts and save $$$ on labour. We have a franchisee that added on fourteen hours of labour per week to generate an extra $2500 in sales per week! Do the math! For more information, please contact head office (506)874-4236.

The Full Franchise

The full franchise is available in areas where we feel there is a sufficient amount of population to support a full fledge Pizza Shack in a strip mall or as a stand alone operation. All products are made fresh on site: pizza sauce, donair sauce, donair meat, lasagna sauce. Imagine when you walk in and get the aroma of home made products! Our customers love it and that’s why they come back for more. For more information, please contact head office (506)874-4236.

Why invest in a Pizza Shack?

Great Products:
Ask a Pizza Shack customer! They will tell you why! We have the best tasting and best quality products. We are building a loyal and growing following to our products because they taste great, they are not greasy, and they are made fresh everyday.

U-BAKE Products:
Our business in ready to bake products is growing exponentially. People love to buy a U-Bake Pizza, not pay any tax, take it home and bake it when it is convenient for them. We are the leaders in U-Bake products in the Maritimes and this segment of home replacement meals is the wave of the future.

A Growing Brand:
When is the best time to invest in a business? When it is heading towards great growth. Pizza Shack is becoming a better-known brand every day. We are building recognition in every market where we are present and our marketing initiatives are geared towards building a strong brand. Don’t wait until somebody else opens a Pizza Shack in your market. Be the first and reap the rewards. There are some great territories still available.For more information, please contact head office (506)874-4236.